How to setup Outlook Add-in
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With TransferChain for Outlook every attachment goes through client-side and end-to-end encryption directly on your device. The shared link is then inserted into the body of the email by the add-in, easy to use but now with advanced security.

1) For integrating the add-in for all users in your company refer to "Deploy in Office 365"

2) For integrating the add-in as a single user refer to "Direct install in Outlook"


  1. Exchange Server 2013 or above / Office 365

  2. Outlook 2016 or above

Deploy in Office 365 (Adding for all users in company)

  1. Access to your Microsoft 365 admin center

  2. Click Menu button, Show all, and then Settings > Integrated apps

  3. Click Get apps

  4. Search TransferChain and Click + Get it now

  5. Select "Entire organization" and click Next

  6. Click Finish deployment

    Note: The deployment may take some time to showcase to all users, and then you can see the add-in in the user's outlook.

Direct install in Outlook (Single user only)​

You can visit this link to obtain the Add-in.


1) Open your Outlook app.

2) Access your inbox and click on "Get Add-ins" in the top menu bar.

3) Search for 'TransferChain for Outlook.'

4) Click the "Add" button to install the add-in.

5) Once installed, you can locate the TransferChain add-in in the top menu bar.

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