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TransferChain Outlook Add-in
How to use TransferChain Outlook Add-in?
How to use TransferChain Outlook Add-in?
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What is TransferChain Outlook Add-in

With the TransferChain Outlook add-in, you can send files in the most secure and private way via Outlook. It allows you to attach files to the email using TransferChain's protocol, ensuring that your files reach their intended recipients securely and privately. Plus, your Outlook storage won't be filled up anymore.

How Setup TransferChain Outlook Add-in

You can visit this link to obtain the Add-in.


1) Open your Outlook app.

2) Access your inbox and click on "Get Add-ins" in the top menu bar.

3) Search for 'TransferChain for Outlook.'

4) Click the "Add" button to install the add-in.

5) Once installed, you can locate the TransferChain add-in in the top menu bar.

6) To begin using the add-in, sign in to your TransferChain account.

7) You're all set!

How to Use TransferChain Outlook Add-in

1) Click "Select Files from Computer."

2) Select the file you wish to share and click "Continue".

3) Set the required access and security settings and click the "Insert secure link" button.

4) TransferChain will automatically attach the generated link to your email.

5) Send the email, and you’re done!

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