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How to add and remove team members from a business account?
How to add and remove team members from a business account?
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To manage users, you need to open the TransferChain Management Portal. Go to Users and click the "Add users" at the right corner.

On the opening page, you can add email addresses to the "Email Address" section by entering them and pressing "Enter."

Or if you have a large list of users to add, you can utilize the "Import from CSV" option. This feature allows you to download a sample CSV file. After filling it with the email addresses, you can upload it to the same section.

Once your list is complete, click the "Send Invite" button. The users will receive an invitation email, enabling them to start using TransferChain. Additionally, you can configure the admin role in the "Role" section

If the intended person does not receive the invite email, you can send it again. To do that, click on the "Pending" next to the Users. On the opening page, click the "Resend Invite" button.

If you need to remove a user, first click the ellipsis opposite the email address and select "Suspend" to suspend the user. The system will prompt you for your password to approve the process.

Then, you can navigate to the "Suspended" section, where you can delete the user using the same action.

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