File Request allows you to receive files from anyone securely and privately.

1) To create a new file request, go to

2) Click the "+ New File Request" button. On the opening pop up you need to name your request, you can also create a description and set an expiring date.

3) After creating the request, you can share the link to your folder with the interested parties by clicking the “Get Link” button.

When the other party uploads its files by entering the link, the relevant files will be uploaded into the request folder you created.

In this way, you will obtain your files from the other parties in a highly secure, confidential, and practical way

After you receive the files you can easily download them into your local.

You can close the file request at any time. After this action, counterparties cannot upload new data to the file request. To do this, simply click on the ellipsis opposite the relevant file request and press the close request button. You can see the closed requests in the "Closed" section.

You can also delete your file requests by clicking on the ellipsis opposite the relevant file request and pressing the "Delete Request"