Blockchain is one of the most important factors concerning the value propositions of decentralization and distribution inside the ecosystem where it exists.

TransferChain reinforces the privacy, confidentiality, and security of its products and services by utilizing the inherent value propositions of blockchain technology, such as transparency, prevention of data manipulation, and the potential for decentralization.

Blockchain is used for the purpose of storing the summarized information regarding the process management of the data stored and/or transferred by the data owner; managing processes such as data ownership and the authorization of access to data; and flexibility of decentralized decision-making beyond the capabilities of a centralized database.

The blockchain architecture in place has a unique structure that is not dependent on any other blockchain architecture and is tailor-made according to specific needs. This approach, which is permissioned but supports the participation of multiple actors in the network and allows organizations other than TransferChain to participate, is designed with a view to combining the distinctive benefits of centralization and decentralization into a single solution.