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On What Blockchain Does TransferChain Run?
On What Blockchain Does TransferChain Run?
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TransferChain employs a distinct and independent blockchain network based on the open-source Tendermint Core Framework. Each of its components has undergone customization to address the unique requirements of TransferChain specifically.

Importantly, TransferChain abstains from introducing digital intermediaries, such as platform-specific tokens or coins, which could be traded on its network or any secondary market.

This platform operates within a permissioned blockchain network, promoting a multi-actor presence. It utilizes an in-house consensus mechanism called "Proof of Staked Role (POS-R)," meticulously designed to align with TransferChain's vision, emphasizing decentralization.

The decision-making process is anchored in a management approach reliant on the transfer of power weight, involving a predefined selection of participants drawn from TransferChain itself and its corporate users.

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