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Can TransferChain really not see my files?
Can TransferChain really not see my files?
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So the short answer is, No. TransferChain cannot access any user files at a given time.

Any file you upload to TransferChain is first client-side end-to-end encrypted, split into chunks, and distributed across multiple cloud storage providers in a random manner. TransferChain does not hold the keys to decrypt your file, but more importantly, TransferChain does not even know the correct order of the chunks to piece together your file back together. Only the blockchain holds the metadata information that contains the accurate slot information and piece order to reunite files, which are also encrypted with the user’s client-side key.

Blockchain plays an important role in TransferChain’s architecture because, unlike any traditional solution, TransferChain does not utilize a centralized management for authentication or authorization. Through the use of blockchain technology, TransferChain can then decentralize the decision-making mechanism along with the inherent value propositions that the blockchain technology offers, such as immutability, transparency, and decentralized decision-making capability.

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