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What Makes TransferChain More Private and Secure Than Other Solutions?
What Makes TransferChain More Private and Secure Than Other Solutions?
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1) TransferChain uses client-side end-to-end encryption by default, meaning that any file you send over TransferChain is only visible to you and the intended recipients at any given time.

2) Your private key never leaves your device.

3) Your encrypted data gets sharded into multiple chunks before it leaves your device, and those chunks are uploaded to a distributed multi-cloud, eliminating the risk of a single point of failure and man-in-the-middle attacks. Due to client-side encryption and file sharding, TransferChain is protected against such attacks.

4) As TransferChain, we never see your data in an unencrypted state, so we cannot know what you store or transfer

We prioritize user content privacy and accessibility by employing a comprehensive approach. This includes securing various types of data, such as audio, visual, video files, and alphanumeric information, that users provide to the TransferChain Platform. To ensure this, we employ client-side end-to-end encryption for every file, with encryption keys generated, derived, and encrypted entirely on the client-side. Files are also broken into pieces on the client-side and securely distributed to trusted providers worldwide. Our blockchain technology further reinforces user and file authorization, enhancing the overall security of your content. Learn more about our security architecture at

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