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What is TransferChain Manangement Portal?
What is TransferChain Manangement Portal?
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The TransferChain Management Portal helps you manage and track your Teams and Enterprise accounts.

In the Overview section, you can view your users' storage usage data with graphics.

In the User section, you can manage users. You can invite, remove, or assign admin roles to intended users.

In the Contact Book section, you can view your company contacts. These contacts will be created automatically when your team members log in to their accounts for the first time

In the Analytics section, you will find two domains. In the "Activities" section, you can access the logs of your account members, which include all the activities your team members have carried out. Only users with admin roles can view these logs.

In the "Reports" section, you can view your users' storage usage sizes, transfer sizes, transfer counts, and message counts.

In the Storage Providers section, you can view the data centers and the locations where your data is distributed.

In the Plan section, you can see your current subscription plan. And you can change your plan.

In the Billing section, you can view and edit your payment information and billing address.

In the Help section, you can find information about support channels and their contents.

In the Settings section, you can edit your company name and manage security settings for your account.

In the Blockchain section, you can easily browse blocks and transactions on our blockchain to view on-chain activities.

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