How to send a transfer?
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To TransferChain Users:

First, you need to go to "Transfers" in the "My Cloud" section. After clicking the "+ New Transfer" button, you can upload your file by drag & drop or click the "Choose File" button.

After you select the file, the system will prompt you for an ID, which you can choose from your contact book. Prior to initiating the transfer, you have the option to select an expiration date and add a note about your transfer.

To Non-TransferChain Users:

If you want to send a file to a non-TransferChain user, you can click to "Add email address". The system will generate a password, which you need to send to the recipient. Once you have completed your transfer, the recipient can use the password to download the file from their email.

After you click the "Send" button, the system will encrypt your data using blockchain technology and send it. The transfer will be invisible to everyone except you and the intended recipient.

You can also obtain a transfer link instead of sending the file directly via email. Once you've generated the link, you'll need to share the link's password with the intended recipient.

โ€‹Note 1: If you don't want to use a password with your link, you can disable the 'Password protection' option. This way, your link will be created without a password.

Note 2: You can set the expiration date and maximum download limitations on your transaction. If these limits are exceeded, the download will not be possible.

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