Installation & Getting Started

How to create an account?

For Businesses 1) Please go to and choose a plan. The system will direct you to the checkout page and you can create your account here. 2) Then create your account, and click the “Get Started” button on the opening page. 3) Afterward login to

How to login for the first time?

1) After creating your account, go to 2) After the login, choose the “Create new cloud” option. 3) On the following page, the system will provide you with a Recovery Phrase. It is essential to store this phrase in a safe place, as it will

Walkthrough of TransferChain Web Application

You can easily use the TransferChain Web Application from your browser without downloading or setting up any client. When you log in to the Web Application, you will land on the "Shared" page (Business Plans) or Storage page (Individual Plans) On the Shared (Business Plans) section, you can create storage

How to upload a file/folder to shared storage (Business Plans)?

Shared storage enables multiple users to access and use the same data or files simultaneously. In the Shared Storage section, you can create spaces and invite intended team members to join. To do so, click the "New" button at the top right corner and select "Create Space." You need to

How to upload a file/folder to storage (Individual Plans)?

In the Storage section, you have the ability to manage your files and folders. You can also search for files or folders can be done from this section. To upload a file to your storage, go to To store a file, simply click the

How to send a transfer?

First, you need to go to "Transfers" in the "My Cloud" section. After clicking the "+ New Transfer" button, you can upload your file by drag & drop or click the "Choose File" button. After you select the file, the system will prompt you for an ID, which you can choose from

What is file request and how to use it?

File Request allows you to receive files from anyone securely and privately. 1) To create a new file request, go to 2) Click the "+ New File Request" button. On the opening pop up you need to name your request, you can also create a

How to download a file from TransferChain?

To download files, you can select the relevant files and use the right-corner ellipsis or tap the ellipsis opposite the file and click on "Download." The first option would be ideal for downloading multiple files at once.

How to send an ID to a user?

What is an ID? The wallet address is a long string of either 87 or 88 characters. It acts as an identification code for your TransferChain account on the blockchain, which is a digital ledger that records transactions. Think of it like a unique ID number that helps identify your

How to add a new contact to your account?

After you receive an ID from your friend, you can add them to your contact book. This way, you can easily find them for future transfers and messaging. To add a contact to your account, first, you need to go to the "Personal Contacts" or "Company Contacts" section. On the

How to message a user?

To send messages, you can go to the "Messages" section, where all your message history will be listed. If you want to send a new message to someone, all you have to do is click the "New Chat" button and enter the ID or nickname (it should be someone who

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