Installation & Getting Started

How to install TransferChain?

For Individuals: After you signup for a plan, you will be navigated to You can download and install the TransferChain Desktop App from here. We offer binary installers/packages for Windows and macOS. You can also download Linux client (Only supporting Ubuntu) For Businesses: After you

How to log in the first time?

After downloading and installing the TransferChain App, you can log in to your account through the App. 1) The first time you log in, you need to select "New User" and proceed. 2) On the following page, the system will provide you with a Recovery Phrase. It is essential to

How to upload a file to Storage?

To store a file or folder, simply click the "upload files" button and drag and drop your file into the pop-up window or use the "choose files" button. With blockchain technology, the system will encrypt your data on the client side, divide it into chunks, and distribute it across the

How to send a transfer?

The transfer section is very easy to use. First, you need to go to "Transfers" in the app. After clicking the "Transfer File" button, the system will request an ID. Once you receive your recipient's ID and paste it into the relevant area, all you need to do is drag

How to download a file from TransferChain?

To download files or folders, you can select the relevant files and use the blue download icon or tap the ellipsis opposite the file and click on "Download." The first option would be ideal for downloading multiple files at once.

How to send an ID to a friend?

What is an ID? Your wallet address has either 87 or 88 characters and serves as an on-chain identity for your TransferChain account. You can locate your ID by navigating to the Desktop App > Profile or by clicking on the copy icon within the Profile dropdown menu. After you copy

How to Receive an ID and add a contact?

After you receive an ID from your friend, you can add them to your contacts. This way, you can easily find them for future transfers and messaging. To add a contact to your account, first, you need to go to the "Personal Contacts" or "Company Contacts" section. On the opening

How to chat with a user?

To send messages, you can go to the "Messages" section, where all your message history will be listed. If you want to send a new message to someone, all you have to do is click the "+ New" button and enter the ID or nickname (it should be someone who is

Need help?

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