File & Folder Management

What happens when my account is over my storage limit?

When you exceed your storage limit, you will not be able to add more files to your account. You can track your used storage space by navigating to Dashboard > Storage Details or the Storage section in the upper right corner. You might consider upgrading your plan and having more storage

Can I buy more space for my account?

If you have a Free Individual Plan, you can upgrade to Plus to get 200 GB of space, or to Professional to get 1 TB of space. If you have a Plus or Professional Plan and work with two or more colleagues, you may want to consider upgrading to Business

How can I see my received files?

To view the files you've received, go to Transfers > Received Files. You'll also see an "Expired Files" section. People can send you files with a time-limited expiration, and if a file has expired, you'll find it in the "Expired Files" section. However, you won't be able to preview or download

How to move files and folders?

To move files into folders, you can do so by using the drag-and-drop feature

How to delete files or folders from TransferChain?

When you delete a file or folder from TransferChain, it is no longer visible in your cloud. The file or folder is permanently deleted. To delete files or folders, you can select the relevant files and use the red rubbish icon, or you can tap the ellipsis opposite the file

Can I restore deleted file?

Unfortunately, not at this time. When you delete a file or folder from TransferChain, it is no longer visible in your cloud storage. The file or folder is permanently deleted.

How can I restore my files and folders after changing the device?

Even if you change your device, you can always restore your files. To do so, log in to your account and select the "Restore Cloud from Recovery Key (Existing User)" option. After you confirm your recovery phrases, the system will restore your files and folders.

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